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Fixed fee 5%

Tip Reward applies a 5% fee to your projects total funding collected, ONLY if your project is successful. NO hidden fees here.


Full Support

Our Team is 24/7 available to help you on creating and launching your project. Tip Reward offers complete assistance on useful tips on succesfully launching your idea.


All or Nothing

As in the best practices for Crowdfunding, all acampaigns here are All-or-Nothing. This way ensures Supporters that a fixed goal needs to be matched and Creators to receive only the money they need to bring projects to life and comply with the agreed rewards.



Dashboard is an important tool that shows you how you are contributing to other projects and how your projects are going. You can use Dashboard to follow your incomings and outgoings anda have a regular balance of your activity in Tip Reward.


Project Blog

Every project has a own Blog, on which you can update your supporters and keep them notice about your project. They want to know everything about your project.


Regulated Activity

Tip Ventures' activity is regulated and authorised by Consob, the Italian governamental authority deputy on regulating financial services.

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