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Full stack Developer

25 March 2016

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Tip Ventures is the first crowdfunding platform that help you raise money trough either equity or reward based campaigns. We are looking for talented developers that could help us on improve our performances. We are  a young team oriented to innovation and creativity.

Job Description 

The candidate will perform analysis, design and software development, implementation of the data persistence layer, implementation of UX and UI components realized from design department.

Job organization is flexible, following preset milestones and under CTO supervision, who is in charge of the development of the current application and will assist the candidate on the project development according to company objectives and expectations. 

Tasks on a Scrum methodology will be issued to deliver a product always on evolution.

Minimum knowledge requirements

Technologies and tools: C#/.Net 4.0, HTML5/CSS3/Javascript. Responsive design e SEO.

Languages: Italian and English, both on high level of reading and comprehension.

Plus:  AngularJS, KnockoutJS and/or ReactJS, Azure and/or Amazon Cloud Services

Minimum experience requirements

It is not required a minimum of working experience in other IT company, but it will take in consideration a tendency to indipendent organization at work. 

The candidate should have already developed a project indipendently using required technologies and tools. It will be asked to show existing projects.


Timing: by end of June 2016

Contract: 6 months renewable contract.

Salary range: 1.200 € / 1.500 € .  

Send your CV

You are invited to send your CV clicking the button below, each candidate will be contacted for a short conference call and next steps will follow accordingly 


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7 tips for better present your Startup on a Crowdfunding platform

04 June 2014

, #Crowdfunding , #Equity Crowdfunding , #Marketing , #Reward based Crowdfunding
7 consigli per un progetto di crowdfunding di successo

How to best present your idea on a crowdfunding portal?

Correctly answer to this question can really make the difference between being able  to fund your startups through crowdfunding or having to find other ways.

Here is a list of useful tips to better present  your idea!

  1. Find a story to tell. People love stories, investors too. Being able to tell your own idea involving the public is crucial if we want the audience to become a supporter of our project.
  2. Find the right words to tell it. Find the right words to tell it. Try and try again, involve all the people you know , write articles and size which are more successful . Think of one of your favorite movies and try to describe the plot in one sentence, and refines that phrase until you do not feel perfect . It is not the same thing as saying " twins separated at birth meet after many years " or " Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny de Vito discover that they are twins " (even if you're telling the same story ) . Then apply the same strategy also to the " plot" of your startup .
  3. Create a video to tell your story. The video needs to be short. Imagine that it is an " elevator pitch ," a prepared speech to persuade an investor if you met him in an elevator ride ! Do not give up the video in any case
  4. Crea immagini originali per raccontare la tua storia. Create original images to tell your story . Internet is a gold mine where you can find everything that you may need, but original contents pay more because they show the creativity and technical skills of the team founder .
  5. In telling your story, always answer to this questions
    • What problem / need solved my startup?
    • How does it solve?
    • Is my team suited to implement the solution?
    • How will I use the money I'm asking ?
    • How will my startup generate profit? How much time ?
  6. Carefully choose the rewards. Surely there will be friends and relatives willing to donate some money, but most people will finance your project to get something in return . Even the lenders / donors seeking to satisfy a need: access to an exclusive product , have a preview , join an elite club. Choose different thresholds putting the most valuable rewards to those who offer the most.
  7. Enhance your team. The myth of the entrepreneur who achieves success only against all is not credible , if it is your first venture.

And now, are you ready to get your first fundings?

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Crowdfunding: 5 tools to promote your campaign

28 May 2014

, #Crowdfunding , #Equity Crowdfunding , #Marketing , #Reward based Crowdfunding

Have you send your crowdfunding campaign to Tip.Ventures ? Are you ready for collecting money for your startup? In this post Tip Venture's Team aim to help you on promoting your fundraising in the best way possible. We introduce you 5 great tools, also available on free versions, that will help you creating quickly everything you need to promote your startup!


PowToon http://www.powtoon.com/

We already talk about on how important is video pitch on a crowdfunding campaign.

Today we show you a free tool that allow you to create easy free animations, in case your startup can not ask a video maker for a professional video.
This tool is call PowToon: allow everybody with just some creativity, to pitch in less than 2 minutes the idea, how to realize it, how to fund it, and how you will use funds collected during crowdfunding campaign. Don't forget : always explain your supporters how you will reward them!


Compfight compfight.com

Are you looking for best stock images to better describe your idea?

Using this search engine and appling its filters you can find free stock images, with creative commons licences, and make your pitch looks better.


Canva www.canva.com

This tool can transform every message in a powerful image ready to share on social networks, use it as Facebook page's cover, or print as posters.
You can find hundreds of images, most of them for free usage.


Feedly www.feedly.com

Feedly is a wonderful RSS' reader. It allows you aggregate news from your sources, wheter is a website from which you take information or your competitors page that you want to keep on eye on. This way you will have all the information on your hand.

Why do we suggest you? Is a really useful tool to collect news to post on your social network, like Facebook or Twitter, and keep your fans updated.


IFTTT ifttt.com

Mke the Internet work for you ! IFTTT stands for "If This Than That", or rather a kitchen's book with perfect recipes to use wth your tools.

Is a service that lets you create powerful connections with one simple statement: would you like your Blog to automatically aupdate your Facebook page? Let's create a recipe "If a new post is published on my blog, then update my facebook page".


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Pioneers Festival 90" Pitch

01 October 2013

, #Media , #Press

We are really excited to announce that The ING Project team has been selected to participate at Pioneers Festival 2013 in Vienna.

Pioneers Festival is going to be huge, and we are ready to rock it !!!


The ING Project has been selected to participate for the 90" Pitch Startup Competition taking place at Pioneers Festival 2013.





Vienna is hosting one of the most important events for startups, where entrepreneurs, media, investors from all over the world we'll be heading in the beautiful Hofburg Imperial Palace.

With speakers, among others, such Dave McClure (500startups), Eric Migicovsky (Pebble), Adam Cheyer (Siri), Phil Libin (Evernote), Pete Worden (Ames Research Center, NASA) , media like Techcrunch, Wired and Forbes and big players like Google and Paypal , this is a dream becoming a reality.

Our team at the Pioneers Festival will be composed by Matteo Masserdotti (CEO) and Carlo Saccone (CTO), both co-founders at The ING Project,

We are really looking forward to meet everyone, so you can contact us via mail if you like: 

Matteo: matteo[at]theingproject.com    Carlo: developer[at]theingproject.com

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Why is Crowdfunding a powerful Marketing tool ?

06 September 2013

, #Crowdfunding , #Marketing , #Media

Crowdfunding is a revolutionary way to get your creative or innovative projects funded,

and it is consider a way to democratize investments but..It is only this ?


Crowdfunding is considered a way to fund and make a reality creative or innovative projects, this is the prior idea of the concept itself.

Especially in the actuality when start ups find lots of obstacles to access the credit via financial institutions, Crowdfunding is helping as a powerful tool to connect with the crowd and ask them to support projects in order to make them happen.


But Crowdfunding is really much more than this...




As we can appreciate from the graphic Crowdfunding can be considered as a great tool in marketing, especially for Research, Promotion and Engagement.

These processes are essential for any business, so beyond the concept that Crowdfunding is useful to raise money, it is really useful also to Market with customers, users or consumers.

Any company (new or old, known or unknown) should use Crowdfunding, to link to their actual customers or to get new ones, to launch new products and ask the crowd to test them.

Crowdfunding means really much more than only get your projects funded, means that you are linking to users and customers before than your products are ready to sell, means that you are engaging with the crowd, you are discovering if they are going to like your products or not.

That will allow companies to save a lot of money in market research before projecting new products giving them an earlier value directly from the crowd.

In case of a successful crowdfunding campaign this will also help companies as a promotional boost for their product selling, really much more effective than any famous actor testing it, is a message of effectiveness.

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New Partnership Announcement

24 August 2013

The ING Project Team is really excited to announce a new media partnership with Startups.fm, the Startups Channel narrating startup stories and much more...



Since we got our first contact with Yoda and Xena from Startups.FM, we realized that they really care about what you are doing, where are you going and how is your Start up trying to change the world.

Now we are really happy to announce our partnership with Startups.FM, the Startups Channel.


StartupsFM is about a whole new community where startups will be helping startups.

While we will narrate stories of startups who have made it big, have just launched or who are yet on the launchpad to fly off; we will also design an online ecosystem for startups.

Startups need resources and an active ecosystem to sustain.

So we are here to help you with information and resource finding.

We will spread the word for you and will also connect you to all things startups! Keep bouncing back to us for more!


We highly recommend Startups.FM for every Startup's needs !!!

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New record is set

20 August 2013

, #Crowdfunding , #Reward based Crowdfunding

As innovation does not know about limits, why Crowdfunding should set them ?

There are any limits to numbers of donors ? And to the amount of donations?


Ubuntu Edge is setting a new record in Reward-Based Crowdfunding, at the moment the campaign is reaching 12 Millions $ which is quite far from the goal that was settled at 32 Million (to be reached in 30 days), but this is now the campaign that raised more, surpassing Peeble that reached and successfully funded around 10 Million.

The campaign involved 24.000 donors, a lot less than Pebble did (around 68.000), that means average donations are significantly higher, obviously because the perks are bigger and the product itself is more expensive.



So....What's the point?


The point is that we are facing limitations of Reward-based Crowdfunding in successful projects: the average amount of donations is low (in Pebble campaign had been around 150 $) and the goal of the campaign must to be kept reasonable: Peeble set it in 100 K, while Ubuntu in 32 M. That's make undoubtedly feeling the goal more reachable, so donors are more predisposed to put their money in a project where they see the goal is possible.

Canonical, the company developing Ubuntu, admit they learned lessons from the campaign (BBC  post), especially on how managing discount for early users, but I guess also on setting a more affordable goal.

Obviously they will now consider using Equity Crowdfunding, which should be the best option for a project like that, where minimum contributions and the funding goal are so high.












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Early Access Program

08 August 2013

, #Crowdfunding

We are launching our Early Access program, take part of it...

If you, or someone you know, have an idea that could be disruptive, take the chance now,

The ING Project is waiting for you







  • NO FEES for your successful Reward-base Crowdfunding campaign.
  • Prescreening of your project by our Board of Crowd.
  • In case of eligibility (read the FAQS) for an Equity Crowdfunding campaign, FREE of fees if you register NOW.?



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How does it work ?

03 August 2013

- ING is the English suffix expressing the action of the verb or its result, product, material....

The perfect solution for a range of projects whether it is a book, movie, video game, applications for the web, mobile phones, fashion design, product design, green economy and much more.

No matter if you are an individual or a registered business, what’s matter here are ideas.


  The ING Project  

             European Crowdfunding Machine

Allows people with good ideas to make them happen.



Greatest innovation of The ING Project is the ability to choose the reward system that you offer your supporters.

Not all projects are the same; therefore not all methods are effective.

Depending on the project, you can reward your supporters in two ways:


  1. Reward-based crowdfunding lets you offer your supporters a reward. A first release of your project, a special edition or simply thanking them on your web site.

  2. Equity-Based crowdfunding lets you divide the sum you need, into equal parts while selling them in the form of shares at a fixed price.



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