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What is Tip Reward?

Tip Reward is the Reward based Crowdfunding platform of Tip Ventures, the only Crowdfunding platform that allows you to choose the way you reward your supporters. Depending on the project, you can reward your supporters in two ways: Reward or Equity. Reward-based crowdfunding lets you offer your supporters a reward. A first release of your project, a special edition or simply thanking them on your web site. Is the perfect solution for financing a range of business projects whether applications for the web, mobile phones, fashion design, product design, green economy and much more.

Why is important to partecipate?

Innovation makers can launch new products, services or business concepts without incurring debts or sacrificing equity/shares. It's the perfect entry point for idea/inception and proof of concept/prototyping. Prove your idea within the community, learn what's really working and what you should still improve to make it worth funding.

Make things happen.

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