What is TIP Ventures?

TIP Ventures is the European Crowdfunding machine. Allows people with good ideas to make them happen, is the perfect solution for financing a range of business projects whether  applications for the web, mobile phones, fashion design, product design, green economy and much more.

Is TIP Reward free?

Yes it's free to register and participate. We only charge a commission when your project is successful.

Is this another Crowdfunding platform like Kickstarter and Indiegogo?

Yes it is a Crowdfunding platform, BUT...NO, it is not like them.
 In TIP Ventures you will be able to choose your reward system, Rewards or Equity.

Can I choose the reward system?

Depending on the project, you can reward your supporters in two ways:
Reward-based crowdfunding lets you offer your supporters a reward. A first release of your project, a special edition or simply thanking them on your web site.
Equity-Based crowdfunding lets you divide the sum you need into equal parts, while selling them in the form of shares at a fixed price.

It's all-or-nothing model?

Yes, no matter if you choose Reward or Equity, all projects are All-or-nothing model.
This way ensures Investors and Donors that a fixed goal needs to be matched and Creators to receive only the money they need to bring projects to life and comply with the agreed rewards.

What do I need to create a Project?

In order to launch a Reward based Crowdfunding project in TIP Ventures, you should match the following requirements
  • You are 18 years of age or older*
  • You need a MangoPay verification**
  • You have a ID like National card or Passport
  • You have a major credit or debit card
  • Telephone or mobile number

You should also check that your project is compliant to our Guidelines

* Parents or teachers of younger than 18 years old are allowed to launch projects only if either TIP Ventures' and PayPal’s accounts are registered by adults.

** Following your registration, either as person or as a company, you will need to enter the personal information requested in the data sheet. The documentation will be sent to MangoPay.

Do TIP Reward provide guidelines for projects?

Yes we do. Our goal is to create a community with the proper idea of helping people with good ideas to make them happen, to do this we need some easy rules. A project is a project : it has a clear end and is carefully planned to achieve a particular goal and to be completed. Something performed in accordance with a project became known as a result.  Making  a film, a book , a video games …. Prohibited uses :  No “fund my life” projects, like “I would love to go studying in Canada…”In Reward based you cannot offer equity or shares, BUT , if you are eligible, you can post an Equity Crowdfunding project. We don’t allow the following subject matters and items related to: Alcohol, Sex, Drugs, Weapon, Gift cards, Raffles, Sweepstakes, Offensive material, Pornographic material.

What should I do before start my project?

Be sure that you plan everything on your project:
  • A detailed analysis of costs that will give the funding goal.
  • Prepare a creative rewards system to offer to your supporters.
  • Explain everything on the project into "Project Description tab", as well problems that your project could face or Shipping details.
  • Prepare a great video, and put your face on it. 
  • Spreading the word over your personal network (starting from your relatives, closest friends, other friends and so on) will be the first thing to do, this offer the base to receive donations from TIP Reward Community.

How much is TIP Reward fees?

TIP Reward applies a 5% fee to your projects total funding collected, ONLY if your project is successful. 
MangoPay  a 1.8% fee to your projects total funding collected + 0.18€ commission on every transaction, find more info here.

How do I preserve my idea?

TIP Ventures cannot provide protection for your idea, sharing your projects on Internet gives a great exposure, but you are in charge of preserving your rights.

Can I upload media protected by copyright?

NO, if you don’t own the rights to do so. TIP Ventures's terms and conditions, specifically explain that you cannot use any material which is not made by you or if you don’t have permits to use it. Instead you can use your own material or free of copyright material (e.g. CC music, Copyleft material, etc). If any dispute on TIP Venture will happen we are going to handle them in accordance to Italian Laws on copyright. Please note that this can lead on expensive lawsuits.

How do I support a project?

Just clicking the button “Free Offer” or by selecting one of the available "Pledge" options on the project’s page. 
Afterwards you will be redirected to the payments page, where you can easily pay by credit card. 
Remember that your credit card will be charged only if projects are successful.

Can I expect economical or financial returns by supporting projects on TIP Reward?

NO, donating to projects in Reward based Crowdfunding is a way of supporting them in exchange of a reward, so don’t allow you to receive part of future profits or shares or any other financial return.
If you are looking for financial return, check out our Investors section in TIP Equity.

Do I have to send further information to Project’s creator?

When a project is successfully funded Project's creators receive a list of all Supporters with the following information, for every supporter: TIP Venture's account name, the amount of donation and the rewards selected.
About reward options that require shipping, Creators may have to ask you some further information, and they will ask you directly through your contacts on your personal Profile page.

Can I directly contact Project Creator?

Yes sure, you can directly contact every Project Creator through their own Personal Profile page, where they will have post their personal contacts.

Can I change or remove my donation?

Yes sure… until the deadline of the project you supported you can cancel or change the amount of your donation simply entering into your dashboard. The new amount won’t be added to the old one.

Is my support publicly displayed?

You will appear in the Supporters tab of the project, but NO amount will show off.Only you and Project’s creators will know how much you donate.

Is my donation tax deductible?

This depends on project's creators profile and the country do you live. If it is a nonprofit organization that posts a project, their profile will be in name of such organization.
You should ask them by contacting them through project’s creator Profile.

Why should I limit the number of buyers?

Use it for limited resources

What about rewards?

Rewards are surely one of the most important things on your project, you can decide: How long a certain reward will be available, The number of items available for every reward, The price of every reward. Make sure you have a strategy on offering your rewards (e.g. offering a special edition for a short time, or a short amount of items..), because this is what makes your project attractive.

Can my project raise more money than my goal?

Yes sure…if you reach you goal before time expires, donations are still available until deadline.  An advantage on setting a small Maximum goal is that your project can reach it faster and go overfunding. Start small, and go big !!

I am running a nonprofit project, can I offer tax deduction?

If your project is launched by a nonprofit organization, MangoPay account and TIP Venture's account must be in the name of such organization (you can register as a business in TIP Ventures). MangoPay may require some additional documentation. In order to offer a tax deduction TIP Venture will check if such organization is what they claim they are.

What are rewards?

As a supporter you are donating an amount of money to a Project because you really want to support it and help Creators to successfully making it happen. Creators offer a reward in exchange of this support you are offering them. Rewards can vary from project to project, but they usually consist in a symbolic form of recognition.

Who is responsible for fulfilling the promises of a project?

Projects creators are totally responsible for what they promise on their projects. When TIP Reward team selects projects, we check that Guidelines are respected and terms and conditions are accepted by Projects Creators. Creators accountability is up to them, but we ask them to show off some Internet sources like social network profiles, personal websites and so on. Supporters must consider and check by themselves the abilities and case history of every project creators, the Internet is a great resource of information.

How project creators will get my address to ship my rewards?

You will get notified by us when a project’s deadline ends, even if it is unsuccessful. Projects creators will contact you via your TIP Reward's profile and ask you all information they need to ship you your rewards. At any time you can contact them and ask about rewards fulfillment.

What do I do if I haven’t gotten my reward yet?

First check the updates on Project public page, maybe there is some delay due to troubles or unexpected problem. We encourage Creators to update about their projects and rewards.In any case and at any time you can contact them and ask about rewards fulfillment.You can also give Feedbacks to creators, and comments about how they are managing their projects.

What is the Blog for ?

Every project has a own Blog, on which you can update your supporters and keep them notice about your project.

Can I preview my updates before publishing?

Yes you can. You can also change published posts or drop it if you like.

How do I register and log-in?

Go to the LOG-IN button and register with your email you will be asked to enter an email and password. You can also register via social networks. You will receive an email to activate the account. That’s it !

Why should I choose between Private User and Company Profile?

TIP Ventures provides different solutions to our Community Members, so in order to decide how to setup your profile, consider the following: 

PRIVATE USER registration as Private user allows you to:
  •  invest and supports startups
  •  create Reward based Crowdfunding projects
  •  participate to open Contests 
 COMPANY PROFILE registration as a Company allows you to:
  • invest and supports startups
  • create Reward and Equity Crowdfunding projects.
  • participate & create open Contests (soon)
    At any time you can change your profile settings.

Which information I am going to publicly display?

Just the information you want to display. If you decide to show off a random image instead of your face a profile picture you are free to do so. TIP Ventures respects your privacy.
But please consider that if you are willing to post projects and ask for money, you should consider to publicly displaying as much information as possible, like your face, your Facebook or Twitter or Linkedin (better if you show all of them). This is really important to keep in mind at the time of posting a project.Some features could require additional information.

What are my profile’s updates?

It’s a kind of personal blog, on which you can update the Community about your projects.

What is the Dashboard?

Dashboard is an important tool that shows you how you are contributing to other projects and how your projects are going.You can use Dashboard to follow your incomings and outgoings anda have a regular balance of your activity into TIP Ventures.

How do I manage my projects?

You can easily manage your projects from your Dashboard. There you will see old, active and deleted projects.

How should I choose my name?

The community it's totally based on trust and reliability of users, so please choose a name that clearly represents you.

Can I change or remove my email address?

You can't remove your email address, but you can change it. Please remember that your e-mail address will be always used as your login name, so if you change it you will use the new one to login. It's required, since you must be available for contacts at any time.

Is the location mandatory?

No, it's not. But we suggest you to provide it, since it's something that may help your projects to grow faster and better.

How to choose the right project title?

Pick it short and easy to remember. Project title should be clear and meaningful, attractive and cool.

What's the project URL?

Project URL is the real path to your project, and we generate it automatically from the project name, in order to make sure it's unique. 

Edit public project

You can edit videos, images and decriptions in a publicated project by click the botton in the "Dashboard".

Edit projects in authorization process

While projects are set in authorization process, you can still edit all information. 
First you must "delete" your publication request into project's "Dashboard". 
After editing, remember to publish the project again, by click "publish".

How to choose the right description?

Your Project's claim, vision and mission. Keep it short and direct to engage people.

Why TIP Reward set a maximum goal?

Because this is helpful for you in order to make your project interesting and attractive.
As soon as your reach 50% as much possibilities you earn on get funded, and going overfunded could be the best advertising ever.
If you think this limit is too small, please consider a TIP Equity Campaign.

What is the maximum project duration?

TIP Reward allows projects to stand for maximum 60 days; this is an estimated time for Reward based crowdfunding projects to be successful. Shorter time for projects makes feel donors more comfortable, because they see their money is not stuck for a long time.

What is the Dashboard?

Dashboard is an important tool that shows you how you are contributing to other projects and how your projects are going.You can use Dashboard to follow your incomings and outgoings anda have a regular balance of your activity into TIP Ventures.