Support A Project

Support A Project

How to support a project?

Just clicking the button "Free Offer" or by selecting one of the available pledge options on the project's page. You can support a project in anonymous way. You will NOT be charged until the end of the campaign, and only if it is succesfull. All projects are All-or-Nothing model.

Why is it important to support a project?

With a minimum amount of money you can support projects' creation and be part of them. You will receive a reward, stay tuned, and help good ideas to become reality. Donating to projects in Reward based Crowdfunding is a way of supporting them in exchange of a reward, so don't allow you to receive part of future profits or shares or any other financial return. If you are looking for financial return, check out our Investors section in Tip Equity. Until the deadline of the project you supported you can cancel or change the amount of your donation simply entering into your Dashboard.

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